Who are we?

We are first generation immigrant siblings from Honduras, the heart of Central America now living in New York City. We grew up smelling coffee every morning and listening to our grandfather’s stories about his finca (coffee farm) in the mountains of Honduras.

As coffee lovers, we want to keep our grandfather’s stories alive by sourcing Honduran coffee and sharing it with our American friends.
Our coffee comes from various parts of Honduras, all cultivated in areas with an elevation of 4100+ ft. The cool temperatures and dry air of high altitude allows the coffee beans to go through a longer maturation process, thus creating a much fuller, richer, and more pronounced flavor profile. This extended maturation process also ensures that the beans retain the flavors typical of the region in which they are grown after the roasting process.

We offer coffee beans from different coffee farms in Honduras, all of whom are family owned. The coffee produced is organic and ethically sourced. 

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